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New Mexico: A Guide for the Eyes

Visually focused, packed with cultural insight, and sized for portability, Guides for the Eyes celebrate the local traditions and visual vernacular that surrounds us. Operating at the intersection of art and anthropology, each edition in the series explores place through 100 of the most notable features of a region. Vivid photography and informative text provide insight into the significance of each topic, covering regional architecture, design, flora, fauna, food, crafts, folklore, landscape, and other facets of local identity and style. Ranging from the obvious to the obscure, these distinguishing elements define a locale as somewhere as opposed to anywhere.

As one of the most unique and colorful regions of North America, New Mexico is the first subject of the series. Throughout thousands of years, the state‚Äôs striking landscape has inspired the art, design and traditions of three cultures: Native American, Hispanic and Anglo/Western. These distinct groups continue to blend and evolve, infusing the rustic land with a compelling vibrancy, unrivaled in its beauty. 

About the Author
A cultural anthropologist at heart and by trade, Elisa Parhad is passionate about exploring place, space, design and culture. As a child, Elisa moved from rainy Seattle, Washington to the blue skies of Albuquerque, New Mexico--a change that brought about minor shock, but also a burgeoning understanding of the dizzying range of creative expression found throughout the world. After completing a Bachelors degrees in Cultural Anthropology and International Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin, she spent eight years studying American subcultures and communities to inform marketing messaging and advertising campaigns.

In 2008, Elisa created the Guides for the Eyes series to document and share the local cultures and traditions that enrich us all, wherever we live. She and her husband make their home in Los Angeles, California.


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New Mexico: A Guide for the Eyes
Elisa Parhad / Hardcover / 5.5 x 7 in. / 224 pp. / $19.95
ISBN: 987-0-9820497-0-9


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